There is a great deal of transportation-related information available on the World Wide Web, and the New Jersey TIDE Center attempted to catalogue much of this information.

Specifically, the TIDE Center used to maintain an enormous list of links that was categorized as follows: ground/water transport (i.e., timetables and schedules, fares, current traffic conditions, etc...), airports and airlines, schools (i.e., academic departments, programs, and centers of transportation research), government and quasi-public organizations with an interest in transportation (e.g., DOTs, museums devoted to transportation, professional societies), and companies (i.e., private companies in the transportation industry excluding vehicle manufacturers), and various miscellaneous items of general interest (e.g., surveys, journals and magazines, images and sounds, documents, bibliographies, data, and position announcements).

If you can't find it here then you might want to check some of the other transportation-related indexes on the WWW.