Dr. Christopher J. Fox

Undergraduate Program Director
Professor of Computer Science
MSC 4103
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Office: 540-568-2773
FAX: 540-568-2745
Home: 540-434-4673


Curriculum Vita

Teaching Interests

Software Design and Construction [CS 446 Software Analysis and Design], Programming Languages [CS 430 Programming Languages], Data Structures and Algorithms [CS 240 Data Structures and Algorithms, CS 452 Algorithm Analysis], Logic [Phil 212 Symbolic Logic, CS 442 Logic in Computer Science].

Research Interests

Software engineering, particularly software design, including design notations, processes, methods, techniques, tools, and heuristics.

The application of temporal logic to program verification (model checking).

Recent Books

Concise Notes on Data Structures and Algorithms: Ruby Edition, bookboon.com, 2012. Book website. Note that this is an ebook that may be downloaded for free.

Introduction to Software Engineering Design, Addison-Wesley, 2007. Book website.

Current Projects

Concise Notes on Data Structures and Algorithms: Go Edition.

Logic Workbench (LWB), a suite of computer tools for teaching logic.

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